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Blizzard Hustle 10 Men's Skis - 2023

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Like a great mullet, Blizzard believes that the best skis are those that work hard, and party harder. Specifically designed for the BC skier who is the first to hit the skin track, yet last to leave the party, the Hustle 10 knows as well as you do - that there's a time to put in the work, and a time to crank it up to 11. Built of their tried and true freeride oriented profile with a waist width that gets wider as the ski gets longer, powered by an all new lightweight TrueBlend Free wood core, the Hustle 10 isn't afraid to do either. What this translates to, is a ski that can bust ass up the skintrack, and leave you with no doubts when it's time to rip the skins and point em downhill. Now get out there and earn your damn turns!


Blizzard has designed a specific Trueblend Free Woodcore for their freeride / back country category skis. It combines beech and poplar – two wood types that guarantee performance – with paulownia for a lightweight, yet high-performance wood core.
The result: the right flex to cover for all backcountry requirements in a lighter package.

D.R.T. stands for dinamic release technology:
It has proven itself to be the perfect dynamic energy release technology for the freeride/ back country category.
The strength and lightness of carbon fiber ensure:
• lightweight damping
• stability and control
D.R.T. blends carbon fiber with fiberglass to give you better support, more confidence and greater performance without compromising on the fun.

The shapes are key in this category. The right amount of rocker and camber, combined with a versatile sidecut, is what makes this ski special and has it working perfectly in every kind of snow condition.
that allows for great turns and ease to pivot.