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Jones Solution Women's Splitboard - 2021 | 149cm

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Featuring a directional freeride shape, directional rocker profile and a mid-stiff flex, the Women's Solution is playful in soft snow, yet confidence inspiring on steep, hard snow. Jones has completely redesigned the Solution's shape for 2021 by adding more taper and a 3D Contour Base 3.0. The tapered shape sinks the tail in pow for better float and the 3D Contour Base makes every turn more fluid and effortless. For added response, it's built with Jones' premium Ultra core, Flax/Basalt Power stringers and an ECO-plastic topsheet. The Women's Solution also features the Boltless Bridge plus Karakoram Ultra Clips and Tip-Lock Tip Clips for unmatched torsional board lock and Inner/Outer Traction Tech 3.0 for added edge grip going up or down.


Technical Specs

Traction Tech 3.0: Traction Tech 3.0 features three bumps per edge (front binding, board center, back binding). The middle bump is slightly bigger than the outside bumps for better grip.
Progressive Sidecut: At the far ends of the sidecut, the radius is incrementally increased as the edge reaches the contact point. Gradually increasing the sidecut radius towards the contact point delivers smoother turn initiation and exit as the edge tracks in and out of the snow with a less abrupt transition.
Tapered Shape, 12.5 mm: The tapered shape sinks the tail in pow for better float and quicker turns.
Blunt Nose: How a board glides in powder, crust, corn or any snow more than an inch deep, is dictated by it's front contact point and just past it. Next time you are in soft snow watch how much snow comes over the corner of the nose near the contact point. The billowing snow coming out from behind the tip means you are plowing through it which is obviously slowing you down. By adding a blunt nose you get the float benefits of a much longer nose without the ‘snow plow' rounded tip and it's extra swing weight. - Jeremy Jones
Directional Flex Pattern: Off set tip-to-tail flex pattern that is designed for directional freeride boards. The nose, center of board and tail are slightly different stiffnesses to help lift the nose, sink the tail and improve stability at speed.
Jones exclusive wood core profiling that offers a stable and playful board feel. The wood core is softer between the feet for easy turn initiation and stiffer in the nose and tail for stability riding through uneven terrain and landing airs.


Flax/Basalt Stringers: Sustainable strength. Jones progressive Flax/ Basalt stringers are made with 100% natural fibers and help transfer power to the edges and absorbs board chatter.
Triax Fiberglass: Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that offers a precise and responsive ride in any terrain or snow conditions.
Sustainably Sourced Wood Core: All Jones woodcores are made from wood species that have been sustainably grown and harvested.
Premium Sintered Base: Life's too short to ride slow bases! All Jones boards have hyper fast sintered bases made from super durable and wax absorbing premium P-Tex.
100% 3D Contour Base: Welcome to the future. 3D contour bases are next level tech that enhance glide + float and delivers unmatched turn flow and fluidity in any snow condition.
Traction Tech Edges: Like a serrated knife slicing into the snow, Traction Tech improves your edge grip on firm snow.
Sustainably Made, Built By the Sun: Jones strives to make gear with the least carbon footprint possible. All boards are built with bio-resin, recycled sidewalls, edges and sustainably sourced wood cores and topsheets. Jones boards are also now built with 100% solar power!
Forever Flex: Ultimate performance on day one. Forever Flex is a new production process that helps break-in the woodcore and stringers so board flex is even and responsive right out of the wrapper.
Built for SkateTech Bindings: Like PB&J, the Traction Tech edge bump pattern aligns perfectly with SkateTech bindings for unreal response and edge grip.
Factory Tuned, Ready To Shred: Buy it, mount it, rip it! All boards leave the factory ready to ride with de-tuned tip + Tail edges, angled at 90/90 degrees and bases waxed with Wend natural wax.