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K2 Juvy Skis and FDT 4.5 Bindings - 2021

SKU K2J421-0003
Free Binding Mounting
K2 Juvy Skis and FDT 4.5 Bindings - 2021

When it's time for your grom to step up to a more capable pair of kids' skis, look no further than the Juvy. A lightweight composite core and durable cap construction make for a reliable ski that won't break the bank. Conveniently packaged with a binding for your young skier!


Technical Specs

SKI RADIUS 8m @ 129cm
SKI ROCKER Catch-Free Rocker
SKIS CATEGORY Freestyle, All Mountain


DURACAP: A molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials within the top layer of the ski. DuraCap skis are generally lighter overall, with enhanced durability and forgiveness.
CATCH-FREE ROCKER™: Effortless turn initiation at slow and moderate speeds with a gentle, gradual rise in the tip and tail.