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Niner AIR 9 2 Star Bike - 2022 | Medium


Face it- The AIR 9, Niner's lightweight aluminum hardtail, has always been capable. This year, capable is even better. Using the consistently excellent qualities of Niner's hydroformed aluminum, the frame offers enough stiffness to pin it when you stomp the pedals. Applying Niner's [R]evolution geometry the rider is put in the sweet, balanced spot of the frame. Ride experience is increased, by a whole lot. Boost 148 spacing ramps up your wheel and tire options, who doesn't want that? Internal routing for a dropper post tops off its solid features. You can run it geared, run it singlespeed. It's comfortable enough for all day riding, yet quick enough to pin it at the races. Maybe not genetically engineered, but a whole lot of fun.
The modern metal alloy used is tried and true - Niner's been working with aluminum and other alloys for more than a decade, and they're proud of their know how. The resulting hydroformed AIR 9 frame makes the most of the material's properties, blending stiffness and comfort in a durable package. Fitted with a 120mm fork and with room for oversized, 29x2.4” (or 27.5x3.0”) tires, this bike is fit for any trail. It's optimized for modern trail riding, long days in the saddle, and all around good times. Hop on the AIR 9 to smash borders and combine boundaries between modern trail bike geometry, with traditional cross country geometry, to occupy a loving niche called "trail country." If a combination of long, pedaling rides, stiff climbs, extended descents, and spicy technical sections sounds like your type of ride, you'll love how the AIR 9 feels. Trail Country geo = modern trail manners when necessary, with no sacrifice of efficiency or agility.


Technical Specs